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DIY: Deer/Rabbit Proof Veggie Garden – Part Deux

May 23, 2011

So here she is… almost done…

I planted a bunch of seeds yesterday and some tomato, lettuce, and herb plants. I also planted some climbing flowers to cover some of the trellis for the pretty factor….I will let you know how they progress- sun would help.

Here is the door- still need to add the hinges- and then the test- is it actually deer and rabbit proof? Time will tell…


Says It All: One Good Thing About the Rain

May 19, 2011

The one thing I am holding on to with all this rain is at least the flowers are happy.  Although, not some of my flowers that are in a pool of muddy water. This weekend is supposed to be dry… well kinda dry so stay tuned for veggie garden part 2.

I Think I am in Love: Dragonfly Sculpture

May 18, 2011

I love dragonflies and these at West Elm are just too cool. There are also on sale and free shipping! Done and Done:)

DIY: Deer/Rabbit Proof Veggie Garden- Part 1

May 16, 2011

We chose to use the area off the shed so we would have the protection of the bush on one side and the shed on the other. Take that Bambi. First step- dig!

Second step: Dig More…to make holes for the posts.

For Rabbit Proofing: Cut chicken wire to go down 8″ and then curve them in to an L shape facing in and cover with dirt

We did this step under our shed as well- as we think a rabbit lives under there. I took out all the rocks first- then pulled the fencing under the wood beam- and covered it with the rocks and the dirt.

Next- secure the lattice to the posts and the chicken wire- we used a staple gun.

Stay-tuned for Part Deux.

Before & After: Found Trunk

May 11, 2011

Before: Dusty and covered with old stickers

After: A fun table at the end of our guest bed (with great storage).

Says It All: Color Explosion

May 10, 2011

So we are at peak pink time around our house. I love it! Stay tuned for our garden play by play….

Finds: Garbage Diving

May 9, 2011

(Chest Detail)

So I hit the motherload this weekend- bulk trash pick-up was yesterday in my neighborhood and I found 4 treasures!
We were driving back from Home Depot (I know we are living on the edge), when I passed this house with a lot of stuff outside- I spotted the chest first and said and I quote, “Stop the car…no really stop the car!” Hubby was like- we can’t fit one more thing in this van, which was true as we bought all our supplies to build our veggie garden (look out for that post). So we jolted home and unloaded the van and then I walk/ran back to the house to get my dibs on the pieces. I discovered 3 more great items, 2 beautifully carved wood tables and a really cool trunk. What is better than free stuff?!  So I cleaned them thoroughly and have some ideas for fixing them up! To be continued…