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DIY: Gift Bag (from old newspapers)

August 26, 2010

Using old newspapers (we all have them…you can just use the funny pages or specific sections depending on occasion) you can create a “green” and fun gift bag with little time and effort.

Lay out several layers of newspaper ( I used four for strength. Cute sides on the top and bottom (you will see the inside of the bag). Then use a box (I used a large shoe box) as a guide. Bigger box for a bigger bag, smaller for a smaller bag. Pretend you are gift wrapping one side of the box (you can use tape to hold initially but will want to glue after to make strong). Then slide the box out and glue the inside bottom of the bag and fold over the top edges to make flat and glue down  I used rubber cement, but hot glue would also do the trick- or even extra strength Elmers.

Poke 2 holes of both sides for the handles. Pull ribbon or rope of your choice through the holes and tie.

Result: A cool gift wrap option, all while getting rid of paper clutter and not spending a cent (spend the $ on the gift)!

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