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Quick Project: Chalkboard Herb Pots

March 31, 2010

Such a quick, fun and cheap project!
All you need are pots, chalkboard paint (any craft store), and chalk (white or colored), and a brush. Just make sure to do 2 coats as the instructions say and let dry fully before using chalk.

There are many colors to choose from traditional black to pink. I chose green as I wanted to make my writing surface in the shape of a leaf. You can paint the whole pot so you have more writing area, just paint the lip, or make any kind of shape. You just want to make it big enough for whatever you plan on writing.

Another variation is to use them as placemarks on a table. Use the mini clay pots, put whatever plant or flower you want in them, and then write the person’s name on the pot.

The best thing about this project is you can change the message whenever you want with a damp cloth. The possibilities are endless, i.e.- (2 pot centerpiece: “Happy Easter” or “Think Spring”, 3 pot centerpiece “Happy Birthday Sarah”, etc, etc).

You can really get creative with this paint!

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